Visitor Favorites

May 11, 2010

A recent blog comment from “Sally” mentioning that one of her co-workers has one of my vf blog 1 Visitor Favorites photographs – The Birdhouse Barn – hanging on her office wall got me to thinking that it might be a good idea to institute a more formal – and readily visible – means of letting website visitors know which images are turning the most heads … and, not incidentally, finding their way to people’s walls.

Thus have I instituted a new gallery – Visitor Favorites — devoted exclusively to displaying those photographs in the entire collection that are drawing the most attention, whether via blog comments, e-mails, telephone calls or remarks made at one or another of my exhibitions.

I invite you to visit the gallery and let me know which of the images strikes your fancy as well. If – Lord forbid — nothing resonates, I surely hope that you will find some that do by browsing any of the galleries in either the Rustic Relics or Rusted Relics categories. I’d love to know which you’d enjoy hanging on a wall at home or at work … or offering to someone as a gift. There are more than a thousand in all to choose from.

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